Current development on software startup research – a summary of SSU2015

Software startup researchers invited to join a global network

Already seven countries are involved in the recently established software startup research network, which brings together people from different backgrounds to share their research on the topic and explore the synergies that can be found when collaborating in the network. The ambition is to grow rapidly across the globe.

The intention of the network is to find out what should be done in terms of research when looking at startups and set a research roadmap for the field. The research roadmap is currently being developed in the form a mindmap that can be found on the network’s website.

The network is an idea of Pekka Abrahamsson, Professor at the Department of Computer and Information Science of the Norwegian University of Sciences and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim.

“The idea for the network came out of peer need. We have a lot of people who research on startups but we don’t have a venue to go to. We go to many conferences and may find some people and papers on startups but that’s about it. Meanwhile, there are a lot of teachers and professors out there researching on this very topic,” said Abrahamsson.

The modus operandi of the network consists of a biweekly telco into which people are invited to join to explain their own research, ideas and concerns. People share their research results, get feedback and even do joint interviews. Two researchers from different locations can conduct the same interview via a telco and profit from the data. Furthermore, researchers ask questions that are not just of interest to them, but also to someone else in the network. This is done through a basic setup of questions prepared, for example, on user experience. The data and answers are then passed on to the relevant researchers.

1.Pekka Abrahamsson.

2. The conference was hosted by the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.


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