Hypothesis-driven engineering – conceptual papers at a workshop at ICSE19


Jorge, our SSRN network member has presented his paper at the 5th International Workshop on Rapid Continuous Software Engineering.

Hypotheses Engineering as a systematic way to handle hypotheses, properly conduct experiments. There are certain requirements for an engineering team to follow the approach. The team should be able to identify hypotheses, analyze them regarding meaningfulness and duplication, prioritize them in order to minimize waste of time and resources and communicate them to the development team.

The research area based on existing models in continuous software engineering, such as HYPEX from Jan Bosch’s group and RIGHT from Juergen’s group. Driven from requirement engineering activities, the business goals and visions are the focus of all engineering activities.


  • Are these all paradigms, methodologies, techniques only for large companies? Companies have enough competence, resources, infrastructure, and intention to invest in these?




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