Archived projects:

  • 2020: Software Startup Engineering book project, calling for proposals
  • 2015: Software Startup Agenda


SSRN invited talks:
Notice: All the presented material will be available upon request.

  • 8th May, 19. Jorge Melegati. Hypotheses Engineering: first essential steps of experiment-driven software development
  • 24th April, 19. Rafael Chanin. Perceived Benefits and Challenges of Learning Startup Methodologies for Software Engineering Students
  • 10th April, 19. Eriks Klotins. A progression model of software engineering goals, challenges, and practices in start-ups
  • 27th March, 19. Yngve Dahle. Searching for a Normative Model of Entrepreneurship
  • 20th Feb, 19. Live streaming event from University of Jyväskylä. Essence of Software Engineering, the future of software engineering
  • 30th Jan, 19. Dr. Mari Suoranta. The Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship: A game-based entrepreneurship education approach
  • 16th Jan, 19. Giulia Pratic, cofounder of +impact. Sharing knowledge to support meaningful entrepreneurship
  • 18th Dec, 18. Dr. Daniel Cukier. A maturity model for software startup ecosystems
  • 7th Nov, 18. Kai-Kristian Kemell, PhD student at University of Jyväskylä. The Essence of Software Startups. The slide is available ONLINE here.
  • 14th Oct, 18. Irawan Nurhas, PhD student at Hochschule Ruhr West. Designing an engaging intergenerational collaborative system to support start-ups innovation in global settings. Slide available ONLINE here.
  • 2nd May, 18. Yngve Dahl from Lean Business Platform. Startup datawarehouse
  • 21st Feb, 18. Juhani Risku from University of Jyväskylä. Artificial Intelligence, software startups and city planning.
  • 7th Feb, 18. Nicolai Bohn from Hasso-Plattner Institute in Germany. Technology pivot.
  • 10th Jan, 18. Ville Vakkuri from University of Jyväskylä. Programming the Artificial Intelligence: Do Ethical Questions Matter in Software Startups?
  • 15th Nov, 17. Antti Partanen, Country manager, IBM’s Entrepreneurship and Incubator Program
  • 1st Nov, 17. Dr. Laura Hokkanen. UX in startups – Summary of dissertation
  • 18th Oct, 17. Dr. Hadi Ghanbari. How to kill Software Startup Developers’ Morale
  • 6th Oct, 17. Patricia Rodriguez-Dapena. How could start-ups and small organizations start developing software with some quality?
  • 31th May, 17, Invitation to 2nd Anniversairy Meeting of Software Startup Research Network with Special Program
  • 19th Apr, 17. Anh Nguyen-Duc. The outsourcing relationship in Software Startups
  • 22nd Mar, 17. Yngve Dahl. Lean Business Entrepnreurship Platform
  • 22nd Feb, 17. Carlos Fernandez. Technical Debt
  • 8th Feb, 17. Jürgen Münch. Continuous Experimentation
  • 25th Jan, 17. Antti Hyrkas. Startup Complexity: Tracing the Conceptual Shift Behind Disruptive Entrepreneurship
  • 8th Nov, 16. Nilay Oza. Experience report on Klev – a Finnish software startup.
  • 25th Oct, 16. Egidijus Jarasunas. The state of art startup ecosystem from F6S platform.
  • 11th Oct, 16. Sohaib, Bajwa. Famous Failures – learning from pivoting, an empirical analysis of 49 startups
  • 27th Sep, 16. Sayed Shah. Startup rediness assessment model
  • 13th Sep, 16. Eriks Klotins. The Start-up context map.
  • 2nd May, 16. Juhani Risku. Software startuppers took the media’s paycheck.
  • 29th Mar, 16. Anh Nguyen-Duc. Multi-facet of prototypes in software startups
  • 23rd Feb, 16. XiaoFeng Wang. Startupccino as a entrepreneur platform.
  • 14th Oct, 15. Juhani Risku. Concepting Software Startup Research Network – What is it, how it works and what it becomes  in the future

Past events

  • International Workshop on Software-intensive Business: Start-ups, Ecosystems and Platforms. Schedule @
  • 24th ICE/IEEE ITMC Conference 2018. This time is at Stuttgart, Germany. Details at
  • On going qualitative survey about challenges, practices and strategy in hardware startup product development.
  • On going survey on Technology Pivot: from Nicolai Bohn from Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Digital Engineering gGmbH
  • The coolest startup event organised in Oulu, Finland, Startuppers will pitch in ice holes! Feb 6th, 2018. Detail at:
  • The Lean startup Riot 2018 @25th Jan 2018, an event organising from Jyväskylä, Finland. Detail at
  • The 6th Entrepeneurship evening, 24th Jan, 2018. Detail at
  • The 1st International Workshop on Generating Innovations for the Internet of Thing,  in conjunction with the 18th International XP Conference (XP 2017) (, Cologne, Germany, May, 2017
  • The 3rd International Software Startup Workshop (IWSS 2017), coorganized with the special session SE4SU at Euromicro SEAA conference (, Vienna, Austria, August 2017
  • The 2nd annual Software Engineering event @NTNU, 100+ Software Robots for Tomorrow’s Education. Details at
  • The 6th Unibz Entrepreneurship Evening – a showcase of student projects from the Lean Startup course.Starting from 18.00 CET+1 on Thursday (19th January). More details about the event can be found here:
  • The 2nd International Software Startup Workshop (IWSS 2016), collocated with ICE 2016 conference, Trondheim, Norway, June 2016
  • The 1st annual Software Engineering event @NTNU, Revolutionizing car industry – Internet-of-Car. Details at
  • We organized the 1st International Software Startup Workshop (IWSS 2015), co-located with PROFES 2015 held in Bolzano, Italy.

Call for participation:

  • Biweekly network meeting: updating the state of the practice activities and on-going research from each members. Discussing on-going research, breakthrough ideas, projects and fun.
  • Collaboration in conducting startup research. On-going studies on startup competences, software startup evolution model, pivoting and Lean startup in cooperation is carried on by our network members.